Day #2: Project Partner Search

Written by Stefanie.
Project Partner Search - Communication Data Visualisation

Besides the advantages of team work, implementing a master thesis in the format of a cooperation project also creates some  unpleasant obstacles. The first and most crucial one is: finding a motivated potential project partner. This turned out to be quite a challenge. Since the realization of this entire project rises and falls with the success of this search, one needs to have persuasive superpowers, a fine touch of penetrance, willingness to iterate and last but not least, a lot of luck.
I consider this search as a constructive learning process, regarding my approach to institutions, collectives and individuals. After two months of unsuccessful correspondence, the tendency was unwillingly drawn towards a non-existent plan B. A plan that would have asked for a fundamental new approach and concept, which probably would have resulted in a serious motivation low.
During those two months I devoured piles of literature, prepared the historical, theoretical part of my master thesis, and did some research on traditional media artists who have, in one way or another, achieved pioneering work for the project Digital Fragments.

Since I have found a group of very motivated, competent and even somehow like-minded guys, working together as visual arts collective Elektropastete, I asked Moco to create the following data visualization in order to take this particular phase of the project into account. It attempts to show the efforts which were necessary to attract a competent project partner. In particular it demonstrates the persistence with which I promoted Digital Fragments.

The middle dot refers to me and the outgoing mails are visualized via the arrowed paths showing the kind of response through the colored dots. green= helpful reactions, red = no reactions, yellow = no time, light green = positive reaction.