Day #1: Kinect Configuration

Written by Stefanie.
KinectStudio 1st try

It took my power adapter six working days to find its way from Hamburg to Berlin. Kind a long for a package, but it fits my slogan for this project: good things take time.

I invested quite some time and installed various components needed to get this thing running. I pimped my computer with OpenNI, NITE, Framework 4, Visual Studio, and the Kinect SDK and the Kinect Developer Toolkit. (Surprise, surprise) lo and behold, with a lot of patience the KinectExplorer as well as the KinectStudio from Microsoft now run, rather fragmentary and extremely decelerated, but working on my 2.4GHz System. Somehow even this suits the overall topic of Digital Fragments.
This procedure is not an art work, but given the fact that I’m doing this for the first time, I was quite excited.