Day #5: Sources of Inspiration

Written by Stefanie.
Pic: onformative

This is a list of projects we find truly inspiring, conceptually as well as aesthetically.


Perception / Illusion

Within our project, distortion plays an important role during the visitors exploration of the environment. We are curious to see how users will perceive the results of their individual movements, how they will react and interact with the virtual environment. Ideally they would be immersed in the illusion and become one with their avatar.

A similar approach can be found in Fragments of RGB created by onformative.
The installation distorts a live portrait depending on the movement, distance and point of view of the approaching visitor.

By displaying the image through a matrix of RGB dots the visualisation refers to certain characteristics of the early CRT monitors and investigates their very special aesthetic as well as the individual perception of the user.


Realtime / Past Moments

The idea of being able to leave a trace in a digital medium is key to our project.
To be able to interact with fragments of people you don’t know, who may have left the exhibition space long time ago, is a genuinely digital experience.
Ideally the effect of our installation is as magical as UVA’s “Hereafter“.

Hereafter uses a high speed camera to create a live history of the space, mixing previous recorded interactions, objects and people.” -UVA


Action / Reaction

Keeping track of the visitors’ behavior, reading body language, interpreting and applying it to the reaction of our fragments will be a big challenge and will require a lot of testing of how our motions are perceived within the environment of Digital Fragments.
SNIFF is a public projection in a storefront window of a holographic, interactive, virtual pet which shows such an exploration of engagement and relationships created by a body’s presence in an environment.
Passing by this window, one is engaged to play by the animated dog. It attempts via gesture recognition to decipher the passer-by’s behavior as friendly or aggressive depending on their movements. The dog keeps track of the user and dynamically changes his behavior whilst establishing a relationship based on the history of interaction. The whole installation is rendered in real-time and thus additionally interesting for our environment.