Day #10: Containerish proceedings

Written by Stefanie.

Since we installed ourselves here in the Artist Lab Container at PLATOON, we are working on several different construction sites.

Hannes is dealing with the tracker of the Kinect and grapples with the Microsoft system / visual studio.
But by now the tracker runs stable over night!

Moco is trying out diverse ways to wrap our nude stick-figure into some aesthetic geometric and fragmented “clothes”. He successfully worked his way through the meshing and texturing process and now is trying out possibilities of visualization. Within these, we favor the process and aesthetics of breaking-up (the structure of) triangles, in order to simulate a three-dimensional abstract physical entity.

Max is preoccupied with the logic constitution of the system itself. The data from the physical layer needs to be translated for the virtual layer and all the system components need to feed each other with respective code packages containing instructions of how to respond to each other.
Once in a while there is some swearing and temporary desperation.

Meanwhile I am gathering the different components for the installation setup and started spreading the news about our opening event on the 7th Dec.

There is still a lot ahead of us and we are quite busy.