day #16



Besides 19 other great contemporary artist we where asked to build up DF @ Saatchi Gallery in London. Hugo is celebrating 20 years of being great and since we are at least as great, we where asked to take part… So if you happen to hang around in London from 31st of July to 1st ...

day #15

DF@ Katerholzig


Well, well here we go! For all who have missed our two SetUps @ PLATOON Kunsthalle can come to Katerholzig June 21st DIGITAL FRAGMENTS will be part of [Percep-tion] Night @ Katerholzig. Nice outdoor SetUp and great music, looking forward to it…

day #14

Technical Setup Details


On the technical side our setup consists of three main parts: tracking, visual output and sound. For tracking the users we decided to go with Microsoft’s Kinect SDK to get real time 3D skeleton data around which we build the user’s avatar. Using openFrameworks with ofxKinectNui, we built a standalone Kinect application running on a ...

day #13

Video & Picture Update

df_coreDebug - df_syphonOut 2012-12-11 at 18.02.27

Moco & Max managed to put together a video from our footage filmed during the exhibition back in December. It nicely shows visitors experiencing the interactive zone and the appearance of their individual avatars. People enjoyed playing with their digital representation as well as creating their very own trace inside the virtual space. They became ...

day #12

A tribute to the opening

digital fragments - live at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE BERLIN

A few days and a lot of snow has gone down the road since the opening last Friday. The evening was a blast and a great pleasure. We were overwhelmed by the amount of people visiting Digital Fragments at PLATOON Kunsthalle. The vibe was great, the music was great and the feedback we received was ...

day #11

Test Setup

center of the world

We managed to arrange a test setup in order to bring our astral bodies into some action beyond type movement. So once in a while we act crazy around our new center of the world. On the visual construction area we had some meatball, meshball and lightball throwing going on and of course some Christmassy ...

day #10

Containerish proceedings


Since we installed ourselves here in the Artist Lab Container at PLATOON, we are working on several different construction sites. Hannes is dealing with the tracker of the Kinect and grapples with the Microsoft system / visual studio. But by now the tracker runs stable over night! Moco is trying out diverse ways to wrap ...

day #9

getting kinected


The first step in our implementation phase was to connect the Kinect System and get hold of the depth and Skeleton data. When Microsoft released the Kinect for XBOX 360 in 2010, it was and still is the fastest selling product in consumer electronics. Using its integrated depth-sensor, the system was able to capture 3D-data ...

day #8

Opening Dec 7th

Flyer Vorderseite

So, finally there’s the date! Still a lot of work ahead, but we have great support and are on our way to a fabulous opening. DIGITAL FRAGMENTS OPENING: FRIDAY / DEC 7TH / 20:00 MON & TUE / DEC 10TH & 11TH, 12:00-20:00 DIGITAL FRAGMENTS IS A MASTER OF ARTS THESIS OF STEFANIE GREIMEL. A ...

day #7


Pic: Manuel Reinartz

Digital Fragments has found itself a home! We will exhibit at PLATOON’s Kunsthalle. PLATOON Kunsthalle is an expressive and strong architectural solution, which is dedicated to exceptional art formats, transgressing conventional boundaries within art creation. The space offers the necessary specific context of vibrant openness and an exceptional rough environment for Digital Fragments to fully ...

day #6

hello oF!

DF day6 01

Today Max & I started wrapping our heads around the powerful openFrameworks framework. “openFrameworks is an open source C++ toolkit designed to assist the creative process by providing a simple and intuitive framework for experimentation. The toolkit is designed to work as a general purpose glue, and wraps together several commonly used libraries, ...” There ...

day #5

Sources of Inspiration

Pic: onformative

This is a list of projects we find truly inspiring, conceptually as well as aesthetically.   Perception / Illusion Within our project, distortion plays an important role during the visitors exploration of the environment. We are curious to see how users will perceive the results of their individual movements, how they will react and interact ...

day #4

Visual Refinement

Andreas Preis - Crosshatchings

At the moment I am working on the design for the avatar (the 3d model which represents the user in our environment) as well as a design for the fragments left behind. Andi Preis was so kind to support us with a bunch of his beautiful crosshatchings - very helpful for texturing. They work really well in combination with ...

day #3

Stereoscopic Projections

Stereoscopy Pic: Richard Bartz

How do you create an experience of maximum immersion without confronting the visitor with too many technical gadgets. The initial concept of Digital Fragments intended to immerse the audience via Augmented Reality Glasses. Besides the thought of technical gadgets creating barriers and fear of contact, the realization of such intention also depends on unaffordable tools ...

day #2

Project Partner Search

Project Partner Search - Communication Data Visualisation

Besides the advantages of team work, implementing a master thesis in the format of a cooperation project also creates some  unpleasant obstacles. The first and most crucial one is: finding a motivated potential project partner. This turned out to be quite a challenge. Since the realization of this entire project rises and falls with the ...

day #1

Kinect Configuration

KinectStudio 1st try

It took my power adapter six working days to find its way from Hamburg to Berlin. Kind a long for a package, but it fits my slogan for this project: good things take time. I invested quite some time and installed various components needed to get this thing running. I pimped my computer with OpenNI, ...

day #0

Media Competence Test

Steffi's Kinect Media Competence Adventures

Since I even started dreaming of Kinects I thought I should maybe buy myself one in order to test my media competence and get the whole project rolling. I immediately bought something wrong or at least not completely compatible with my laptop and had to wait for some missing USB cable. So due to Microsoft’s ...