Digital Fragments

is a collaboration between Stefanie Greimel, Johannes Brendel, Moco Raffael Ziegler & Maximilian Mittermeier.

They share a common interest in design, art and technology and a fascination for visual and interactive concepts in daring and experimental formats.

Stefanie Greimel is in the final stages of her master’s degree in European Media Studies at University of Potsdam. Digital Fragments is her final project combining the practical implementation of an installation project with a theory part reflecting on this process. Her competences cover organizational and coordinational aspects within this collaboration as well as communication and press.

Moco Raffael Ziegler, Maximilian Mittermeier and Johannes Brendel work at Elektropastete, an interdisciplinary visual arts collective. Its current practice covers all kinds of creative work: from motion graphics, light installations, graphic design, live performance and interactive installations. Research and development is a big part of their process. They explore new fields and remix existing ones. Elektropastete works on a diverse and expanding range of projects, commercial or non-commercial and collaborate with a wide range of artists and companies. For Digital Fragments, Elektropastete works on the conceptual, the creative and the technical components of the installation.